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What is fibreculture?

is about critical and speculative interventions in the debate and discussions concerning information technology, the policy that concerns it, the new media for(u)ms it supports and its sustainable deployment towards a more equitable Australia. fibreculture is a forum for the exchange of articles, ideas and arguments on Australian IT policy in a broad, cultural context. it concerns the philosophy and politics of
:: new media arts
:: information and creative industries
:: national strategies for innovation, research and development
:: education, and
:: media and culture

Posting Guidelines

1> A good post provides a point of view which encourages other listmembers to respond. "Would I forward my post to someone outside of :fibreculture:?" is a good question to ask before sending it to the list.

2> A good post highlights *your* perspective. If you want to forward an article by someone else or a URL which may be of interest to the list, please take some time to set some starting points for discussion. If you just want to provide an informational post about an upcoming event or a resource which may be of interest, send it to fibreculture-announce.

3> A good post is in the established :fibreculture: styles - opinion pieces, journalistic articles, discussion questions, essays, short academic papers, reviews - and of course responses to these posts. While the :fibreculture: facilitators value other forms of writing (such as fiction, or theses), we believe that there are other lists which are probably better suited for them. E-mail a facilitator if you're not sure.

The following kinds of posts are not suited for :fibreculture:

* Announcements (send to fibreculture-announce)
* Flames
* Unannotated URLs/forwarded articles
* Fiction
* Long (>10000 wd) academic papers
* Text-art
* One-liners (unless *really* funny or insightful)
* Promotional material

4> Most of all, enjoy yourself! The :fibreculture: list has been a fantastic forum for the exchange of ideas, and it continues to grow in size and diversity. But it can only do so while new members come in and

:: f i b r e c u l t u r e :: IS COMMITTED TO...

the building of a public info-structure / digital publics / critical publics, and the widening and deepening of public space, and public discourse (on-line and off-) by fostering and promoting open, independent, critical, participatory and sustainable forums; and an Australian list-culture that values these attributes

Who are we?

A network of critical thinkers, Australia-wide, engaged with new media / internet theory and practice. The list (around 800 and growing) includes: theorists > critics > journalists > academics > artists > activists > and all sorts of media producers, designers and other information-workers. We are people who think, read and write about the applications and cultures of new technology.

Fibreculture Facilitators are:

Hugh Brown (Brisbane) hughie at
Axel Bruns (Brisbane) snurb at
Katie Cavanagh (Adelaide) katie. cavanagh at
Chris Chesher (Sydney) c.chesher at
Gillian Fuller (Sydney) g.fuller at
Lisa Gye (Melbourne) lgye at
Geert Lovink (Amsterdam) geert at
Esther Milne (Melbourne) EMilne at
Adrian Miles (Melbourne) adrian.miles at
Anna Munster (Sydney) A.Munster at
Andrew Murphy (Editor - Fibreculture Journal) a.murphie at
Ingrid Richardson (Perth) ingrid at
Ned Rossiter (Ireland) n.rossiter at
David Teh (Sydney) dteh at

Sydney Meeting 2002

Sydney Meeting 2002

Sydney Meeting 2002

Sydney Meeting 2002