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friends of fibreculture

fibreculture would like to acknowledge and thank our new host Geoffrey Robertson at Sydney Web Hosting.

fibreculture would not exist without the gratefully acknowledged assistance and generosity of the folk from

Take a look at Spinach 7 from our friends at myspinach

partner organisations for the 2002 meeting

Department of Media, Macquarie University
Waikato Institute of Technology Department of Media Arts
School of Media and Communications Faculty of Arts University of New South Wales
The Power Institute, University of Sydney
Australian Film Commission Industry & Cultural Development Fund
Museum of Contemporary Art

partner organisations for the 2001 meeting

Humanities Division, Curtin University of Technology
Cinemedia's Australian Centre for the Moving Image
Centre for Ideas, Victorian College of the Arts
School of Political and Social Inquiry, Monash University
The Power Institute, University of Sydney

local friends

mots pluriels -
dLux media/arts-
OnlineOpinion -
link -
Arena Publications and Printing -
Centre for Contemporary Photography -
RealTime -
Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) -

international friends

nettime -
spectre -
sarai reader -
rhizome -
aoir -
resource centre for cyberculture studies (rccs) -